Meet the Cornerstone Ukulele

The Cornerstone Tenor Ukulele is my rendition of this iconic instrument.  I wanted to use some of the features and innovations used in my acoustic guitars to create a Ukulele that plays and sounds like no other....

~Beveled Armrest

Positioned in the area where your arm rests while playing  creates a softer area making it more comfortable to play.

~Side Soundport

This acts like a monitor so you have a more balanced perception of volume and sound.

~Custom Laser Cut Bracing

All braces have been designed with strength and weight in mind. Laser hollowed braces are strong and yet lighter helping with response and projection.

Veneered Headstock back

The back of the headstock is reinforced with a hardwood veneer making it stronger and aesthetically pleasing.

~String-through bridge design

The strings are anchored to the inside on the proprietary design bridge plate insuring a better transfer of vibration without compromising integrity. The bridge offers string channels to minimize contact with any sharper area that could fray the strings.

~Custom Scale length.

A slightly longer scale adds just a little more tension to help with

projection and volume. And more room for your fingers!

~Schaller Grand Tune Tuning Machines

One of the best and smoothest tuners I could find.

~Hardshell Case.

Gotta keep your new baby safe!

Standard Features Included in every Uke

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